Everybody enjoys watching birds play and swoop around the bird feeder and bird bath. However, these noisy yet charming creatures pose serious structural and health problems when they decide to build nests and roost in a building. Neglected pigeon, starling, sparrow and dove infestations will eventually cause enough structure damage to make the building unsafe and subject to possible condemnation by your local health department.

Persistent, intelligent and opportunistic, birds resist over-the-counter repellents such as horns and traps because they quickly learn that neither are dangerous and pose no risk to them as a group. Additionally, traps don’t work simply because it would take years to trap the thousands of pigeons, starlings and sparrows existing in suburbs and large cities. By aggressively addressing metropolitan bird management NYC pest control experts at Assured Environments can effectively prevent the destruction of your home or business.

Capable of dissolving all types of building materials, bird droppings have a high uric acid content, with a pH level of 4.5 to 5.0, similar to vinegar acid content. Most of us already know what bird droppings can do to our vehicle’s paint job–just imagine this stuff accumulating in warehouse rafters or residential attics!

All birds harbor diseases that can cause sickness and uncomfortable symptoms. When disturbed, dried bird droppings explode with a toxic “dust” that irritate sinuses, make it difficult to breath and potentially cause histoplasmosis, a serious lung disease that can be fatal if not treated,

Mites are bird “fleas” that leap effortlessly from feathers to your skin. They bite hard and they bite a lot, leaving bright red, itchy spots that heal slowly. Bird mite bites are often mistaken for scabies by physicians who then prescribe ointment that does nothing to kill mites.

Successful bird management requires the professional pest management services of Assured Environments to completely eliminate a bird infestation. In addition to saving residential homes from disastrous bird activity, our bird management services can keep hotels, restaurants and other public buildings looking clean and professional. Customers visiting a restaurant or hotel that has bird droppings defacing the parking lot, covering sidewalk pathways and around the front entrance will no doubt wonder if the inside is kept as dirty as the outside.

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