Despite their small size, flies are creating a major problem for NYC restaurants and other commercial facilities.  Aside from their annoying buzzing, a fly infestation can pose a potential health and safety hazard for your customers and employees.  Unfortunately, flies are attracted to the conditions in restaurants and other food related industries and this is where they can cause the most damage.  Flies feed on decaying organic waste and then spread pathogens from their feet to food and food prep areas. Flies are known carriers of many diseases including, malaria and cholera and this is why Assured Environments offers effective commercial fly control for businesses throughout Manhattan, Long Island, The Bronx and New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 

Protect Your Brand with Commercial Fly Control from Assured

Along with posing a serious health risk, a fly infestation in your commercial facility can seriously damage your image, reputation and brand.  Even your most loyal of customers are likely to be annoyed by flies while trying to enjoy their meal.   When you partner with Assured Environments, we will customize a fly control plan that will meet all the needs of your specific facility.  We specialize in Integrated Pest Management techniques and practices and our fly control includes:

  • Eliminating the adult population of flies

  • Eliminating food sources and resting areas

  • Eliminating breeding sites

  • Identifying potential points of entry and correcting them

Contact Assured Environments

If your company is experiencing a fly infestation that is out of control, contact Assured Environments.  We will diligently work with you and your staff to develop a fly management strategy that will solve all of your commercial fly problems.  For all of your pest control needs, including fly control in Manhattan or throughout New York metro and the Tri-State area trust Assured Environments.