Integrating a sustainability program into your facility operations not only generates enthusiasm from employees but can also helps reinforce your PR brand, reduces overhead costs, and may champion a new demographic who previously weren’t aware of your products or services.

ABCs of a Sustainability Program

What is involved with a sustainability program? Some things to consider are:

Waste Management–includes environmentally-enhanced waste reduction, waste disposal and assessment of potential waste as products are being manufactured, packaged and shipped.

Carbon Footprint–a facility’s carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouses gases it emits during operation. Waste control, indoor air quality and energy management are all implicated in sustainability issues involving GHGs.

Sustainable Design–the U.S General Services Administration promotes facility design that reduces or eliminates any kind of negative impact a facility may impart on the environment. Principles of sustainable design include the optimization of site location, using environmentally preferred products and conserving water whenever possible.

Introducing Sustainable Measures Within Existing Structures–the International Facility Management Association defines this sustainability practice as introducing and implementing sustainable principles into existing buildings in order to reduce operating costs, resolve tenant complaints and decrease the building’s carbon footprint.

Green Cleaning–practicing “green cleaning” means facility managers are purchasing environmentally-friendly materials to help ensure the safety of employees, occupants and the environment. In addition, they are integrating sustainable cleaning programs into their facility’s overall maintenance system, such as the sustainable approach Assured Environments takes towards pest management.

Assured Sustainability–A Green IPM System

The focus of Assured Environment’s Green integrated Pest Management System is to eradicate insect, bird and rodent infestations without using pesticides. Moreover, AE’s Green IPM System can be customized to meet LEED or GreenShield certification.

Assured Environments provides technicians experienced in establishing Green IPM System in all types of facilities as well as assistance with certain structural changes necessary to optimize integrated pest management practices. We also offer regular monitoring of a Green IPM System and detailed inspection reports to accommodate stringent third party reviews or audits.

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