Ah, Summer. The perfect time of year for family picnics, vacations, days at the pool, and… pest infestations? Unfortunately, yes. The warmest months of the year also have the pleasure of being the most pest-friendly months. This is because there is abundant humidity, moisture, and thriving vegetation everywhere. Food and water are the biggest draws for pests anywhere, anytime, and that includes June through September.

If you’re worried about protecting your business or commercial property from infestation this summer, don’t fret. We’ll walk through the most common summer pests and how to prevent them below.


Mosquitoes love summer because it becomes easier for them to access their favorite thing: standing water: pools, ponds, and fountains abound. The biggest defense against mosquitoes is to make sure that your property doesn’t have standing water. That means, if you have a fountain or decorative pond, make sure there is something in place to keep the water moving. Mosquitoes can’t lay eggs in water that has ripples or waves in it. 

When it comes to avoiding encountering mosquitoes in the wild, there are a few things you can do. Avoid going outside at dawn and dusk – this is the time of day they’re most active. If you’re going to be outside for a long period of time, consider lightweight clothing that covers your arms and legs. Consistently apply insect repellent. Teach your employees about these helpful tips to help them avoid bringing eggs or larvae onto your property.


Ticks can be threatening throughout the year, but are more commonly encountered during the summer months. This is because ticks are most frequently encountered in thick brush or wooded areas. The sort of places you, your employees, or your customers might go when it’s warm. Ticks are less likely to cause full-scale infestations than other summer pests. However, they’re still capable, and the way they get inside your building is by hitching a ride on someone’s clothes or skin.

Skip the ticks by always wearing long sleeves when going in thick brush. Apply insect repellent. Check for their small, dark bodies all over your skin every time you come in from being outdoors. When it comes to keeping them off your property, make sure there isn’t debris for them to hide in. This includes weeds, woodpiles, and similar makeshift pest shelters.


Ants love food. The busy, hectic way summer tends to play out leaves them with lots of options. Crumbs from cookouts. Spills from people too distracted by meeting pre-vacation deadlines to wipe up. Summer is an ant’s favorite time to come inside, which is why you have to work on proactive prevention. 

Promote proactive cleaning policies. Make sure everyone coming in and out of your property is using sealed containers for their food. Keep on top of trash disposal. Replace worn out weather stripping and loose mortar. Make it as difficult as possible for them to get in and they’ll go looking elsewhere for a picnic.

Don’t let your summer be anything but the best. Follow our exclusion tips and keep an eye out for surefire signs of infestation. If you do your best and the worst still happens, all you have to do is call Assured Environments. Our trained technicians will dispatch someone to your business or commercial property to fix the problem ASAP. Stay cool out there.