Rats. They’re stinky, they chew through everything, and they love to leave their droppings in the most inconvenient places possible. As a property manager, you’re responsible for the health and well-being of everyone in your building. It’s a lot of work, even without the added headache of a rat infestation.

We understand what you go through to keep everything in working order. That’s why we put together this list of simple things managers can do to keep rats out, for good.

Keep your garbage bins closed

You can’t control how often the city empties your garbage. You can control whether or not you keep the lids on your garbage closed. If rats can’t find the food, shelter, and moisture they’re looking for, they’re far more likely to seek it elsewhere.

Keep materials away from the outer perimeter

Rats typically find their way inside a building by finding a place to hide nearby first. Common places include piles of wood, stacks of tools, overgrown shrubs, or any place that’s dark and sheltered.

As a property manager, you’re frequently in charge of maintaining any updates to the building. Keep your tools, wood, and other materials organized and away from the building. Instead, store it in a cool, dry, empty garage or even a truck bed. These alternatives don’t cost extra and are usually already readily available on-site.

Don’t leave doors open – and don’t let your tenants do it either

Strict rules regarding leaving doors to the building or buildings open are a must. Not only is it unsafe, it’s also pretty much a “welcome home” sign for rats looking to roost. Don’t make it easier for them to make their way inside.

In addition to a doors-closed policy, pay attention to any cracks or holes on the outer wall of your facility. Seal these as quickly as you find them. You’d be surprised how capable rats are at squeezing in through the tiniest breaches.

Stay on top of landscape management

We already mentioned this in the last tip, but rats don’t hang out in the open. If they’re going to find their way inside, it’s going to be from within a safe hiding space.

Overgrown bushes or flower beds are the perfect places for rats to hide before they head inside your building. Keep bushes trimmed back and flower beds weeded to make sure they don’t have a place to hide.

Clean up any standing water

The three things rats like most are food, shelter, and water. If you notice any standing water anywhere in your buildings, root out the source and clean it up.

Standing water is a big draw for pests of all kinds. Sometimes leaking pipes or backed-up drains produce standing water. Have a plumber fix problems like these fast, or they’ll attract pests.


Finally: make sure you have a relationship with a local commercial pest control company. Assured Environments specializes in pest control that keeps you happy, keeps your tenants safe, and keeps rodents out. Call us with any problem, and you can rest assured we’ll have the solution.