Whether it’s Indian meal moths, Merchant grain beetles, or Earwigs, pantry pests are problematic. These troublesome creatures infest buildings to search for food, so obviously, restaurants remain a big target of their efforts. They like dry, stored foods like flour, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate–you know, things commonly found in restaurants.

Don’t panic just yet! There are plenty of ways to keep even the most nefarious of pantry pests out of your restaurant all year. We’ve listed our five most effective prevention tips below.

Keep your storage air-tight.

If you store a lot of dried goods like pasta, oatmeal, flour, or something similar, make sure you store it in airtight containers. Airtight also means pest-proof. They have the added bonus of making your storeroom a bit more organized, too.

These types of containers are inaccessible to pests, making them less likely to want to stick around if they find their way inside. You want containers that are glass or plastic, so pests can’t chew through them. Hard plastic combined with a well-sealed lid will go a long way toward keeping pests out.

Stick a bay leaf in stored goods.

Here’s an interesting fact: most pantry pests find the smell of bay leaves atrocious. If you stick one in with your stored goods, the smell will drive away any pest inside.

Inspect new deliveries before bringing them in.

Most pantry pests get inside your restaurant by hitching a ride in food deliveries. Inspect packaging, bags, and the foodstuff itself for pests as you receive your delivery. Don’t bring in anything that you find questionable. A little vigilance goes a long way.

Keep things clean.

You run a restaurant, so you already know how important general sanitation is within your workspace. Be especially vigilant about the sorts of messes that pests like. Don’t let spills or standing water sit.

Once you have sealed containers, make sure your employees seal them properly. Immediately wipe up crumbs from any surface they’re found on.

Seal any potential ways inside.

We already said that the main way pantry pests get inside restaurants is through food. It’s not the only way, however. The other way they find their way inside is by crawling through cracks in walls, seals, or doors.

Look for any cracks on the outer perimeter of your building regularly. When you find them, fix them. Pay special attention to outer pipes, as the added moisture makes them a big draw for pests.


Keeping pantry pests out means keeping your restaurant’s reputation and bottom line safe. If you’re ever in need of extra help getting the job done, call the pest control experts at Assured Environments.