Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating kinds of pest infestations there are. They can cause incessant itching and dreadful welts, a horrific odor and some victims even experience severe stress and anxiety from having to live in an almost inhospitable home.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are also extremely hard to get rid as they can be immune to standard chemical sprays and an over the counter bed bug treatment rarely does the trick. Many homeowners throw their hands up in frustration and start tossing many of their belongings in the trash for a fresh start.

Instead of resorting to those drastic measures, the best way to save the stress, headaches and potentially lots of hard earned cash is to call in the professionals who have the access to the latest and greatest, most effective bed bug treatment.

Why heat treatments work best

There are a number of different options for eradicating these pesky creatures, but not all are considered safe for the health of the family, or their pets. Some chemicals that are known to be safe can still cause problems for people who are sensitive to odors.

The ideal solution is bed bug heat treatment. This is a 100 percent green, non-toxic treatment that is also the most effective option for killing bed bugs in all life stages. It doesn’t leave any lingering smell or cause harm to those who dwell in the home. The proprietary heating technology used by Assured Environments, is 100 percent chemical free, using specialized electric heaters that often eradicate the entire infestation after only one application.

The heat is spread evenly and at the exact temperatures needed to penetrate even the hardest to reach crevices that the bugs tend to escape to. This high tech service ensures that bed bugs don’t get away for a complete and total eradication.

Bed bug heat treatment must be done correctly or it will fail. It requires knowledgeable, experienced experts like those you’ll find at Assured Environments. Call these licensed professionals at the first signs of bed bugs to prevent a small problem from becoming a massive challenge, saving you a pile of cash and plenty of stress.