Any manager knows that when it comes to maintaining a pristine building space, preventative pest management measures are ideal. This becomes increasingly difficult when that space facilitates people who could possibly come into contact with any number of aerosols, powders and other potentially harmful pesticides being used in and around the building. To avoid any personnel-related disasters, consider these safe and often eco-friendly, alternatives to harsh pesticides.


1. Mind the Gaps

Cracks, crevices, holes and other gateways to the outside world often welcome uninvited guests into your facility. Make sure to seal any unwanted openings with the proper sealants to reduce the presence of these pests.


2. Protect Your Plants

If your facility has any potted plants, especially any with large, flat leaves, be sure to wipe them down with a soapy water solution every few months. This keeps dust from collecting, which can breed small mites and even fruit flies.


3. Monitor the Moisture

Keeping a sharp eye on indoor humidity levels can keep pests like silverfish and certain moths from occupying a residence. Store a few moisture collectors in inconspicuous places around any facility for quick spot treatment.


4. Keep Up With Crumbs

Exposed food is a major attractor for nearly every pest under the sun, from cockroaches and ants, to fruit flies and mice. Make sure occupants in your facility throw away food in the proper receptacles and clean off dining surfaces regularly to help keep pests at bay.


Keeping the pests out, while keeping people safe doesn’t have to be a tightrope walk. With these tips and all little due diligence on your part, you can ensure any environment you’re responsible for, operates at optimal capacity. Schedule a consult with our pest management professionals today.