As a property manager, you face an endless number of challenges in your effort to provide tenants with a clean, safe, and healthy environment. One of the ten thousand responsibilities you face is keeping pests out of your buildings. To fulfill this responsibility, you need a go-to pest company.

There are a lot of pest control companies out there, however, and many of them have different specializations. How do you know which one is right for you? What are the right questions to ask them? How do you even know where to look to find the right questions? Well, maybe we can help. The next time you need quality commercial pest control, here’s what to know and where to look:


Find a service that knows in your specific pests

Your biggest weapon in the battle against pest infestations is knowledge. Learn which pest species are most common in your area. Research the best ways to prevent them from entering your buildings. The more you know about the pests plaguing you, the more you can ask a prospective pest control pro.

Once you know your enemy, research your ally. See what each prospective pest control company has to say about their approaches to your problem. Do they have a pest library entry on it? Do they describe how they’d go about treating for your particular pest? How they’d treat safely while inside your particular type of building? You should be totally assured your pro can handle your specific problem before you commit. Keep researching, calling, and asking questions until you are.

Look for a company that offers integrated pest management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a specialized pest removal process that does more than just remove pest infestations. Instead, IPM professionals use expert knowledge, exclusionary measures, and reactive monitoring to both treat current infestations and prevent future ones.

Simply put, IPM is smarter, more environmentally-friendly, and more effective than more conventional, heavy-handed approaches to pest control. When it comes to long-term pest control you can count on, accept no substitutes.

Find a company that offers consulting and training, not just pest removal

You want a full pest control partner, not just someone who comes in, wipes out the pests, and leaves. Find out what a prospective pest control company does after their initial treatments. Do they come back periodically to monitor progress and update their plan? Do they keep you informed as to how effective their strategies have been?

Look for companies that give you the tools and training you need to best prevent against future pest infestations. Treating your pest control consultation into a learning experience is how you make the most of your investment. Find a pest control company that’s willing to help you, not just themselves.

Don’t just choose the cheapest option

We know you have a budget to work with, but in most cases cheapest isn’t always best. When a pest control service is cheap, it’s usually because they weren’t able to set themselves apart another way. Remember: cheap services won’t stay cheap if you have to keep purchasing them, over and over again.

It all comes back to our first point: the best thing you have to fight pests with is knowledge. Find the perfect mix between affordability and quality work to get the most bang for your proverbial buck.

Ask questions and make sure they can answer them

Ask the pest control companies you talk to about their techniques for specific vermin varieties. It’s important to do your own research.

Don’t be afraid to call the companies you’re considering. If they’re not willing to answer your questions about their process, chances are you wouldn’t like their answers.


If you’d like to talk to a company that knows what you’re looking for and can help you find it, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Assured Environments a call. We may be biased when it comes to the service that’s right for you (it’s us! :D), but we know our stuff when it comes to pests, guaranteed.