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Assured Environments is a commercial pest management company providing comprehensive, customized pest control to businesses of all sizes and industries in Long Island, New York. Our technicians serve all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. If your business is located in Long Island and you need expert commercial pest control, Assured is the company to contact. We will solve your problem now.

24 Hour Commercial Pest Control in Nassau County and Suffolk County

Assured Environment’s special customer service call center operates 24/7/365, and it’s always staffed by actual people. In other words, whenever you call Assured, you will always talk to an actual person who will actually help you solve your problem. Our technical support team also operates 24/7/365, so we’ll be there to help you need us.

If you call our hotline, we can accommodate your needs on your schedule. No matter the size, industry, or problem your business is facing, we have the resources and expertise to solve it quickly, safely, and permanently. The next time you have a pest problem you need help with now. do not hesitate to call Assured Environments right away.

Solutions for Long Island Pest Problems

Assured Environments provides control and management solutions for a wide variety of Long Island’s common pest control problems. We offer quick, specific, one-time control solutions or long-term, ongoing, generalized prevention strategies. No matter what your businesses’ specific concern, Assured Environments can and will accommodate you. Here are a few of the kinds of services we provide the businesses of Long Island every day:

Rodent Control

It’s not enough to simply remove rats and mice from a commercial property. To keep them out effectively, pest control needs to find the access points they used to get inside. Assured’s experts can locate and seal rodent access points, preventing future rat infestations in Long Island.

Bed Bug Treatment

Assured Environments’ K9 bed bug inspection team maintains a 97% accuracy rating, making them the most successful in Long Island. Our dogs find the bed bugs, and then our heat treatments wipe them out completely. Contact Assured for ffective bed bug treatment in Nassau and Suffolk County.

Bird Removal

Pest birds like pigeons can inflict a surprising amount of damage to commercial properties with their waste and nests. Assured’s bird removal services in Nassau and  Suffolk County can safely and humanely remove bird nests and install deterrents to keep birds from nesting near you in the future.

Bee, Hornet, and Wasp Control

The best way to deal with a bee, hornet, or wasp infestation is to move or destroy the nest. This can be dangerous for non-professionals, however, so if you identify a nest on your property, contact us right away for bee, hornet, and wasp control in Suffolk or Nassau County.

Fly Drain Cleaning

Dirty drains collect food debris and grease, making them a highly attractive breeding site for flies and other pests. Assured’s experts can effectively clean out drains and grease traps, preventing pests from gathering inside of them in the future.

And More!

Whatever your Long Island businesses’ pest problems, you can rest Assured we’ll provide the solution that’s right for you.

Industry-specific Pest Control Solutions

Different industries require drastically different pest control. Your business has specific needs and concerns we’ll have to work around when designing your pest management solution. Assured specializes in customizing pest control programs to suit specific business industries and needs. When you work with Assured, you don’t get “one size fits all pest control; you get pest control that solves your problem. We provide customized services to a wide variety of industries in Long Island, including:

Why Assured Environments is Right for Long Island Businesses

Assured Environments is New York’s oldest, largest, and most effective commercial pest control business. We’ve provided high-quality commercial pest control services to the businesses of Long Island since 1934. When you call our 24/7/365 helpline, we can dispatch an expert from our Long Island branch to help you quickly and directly. Our experts will identify your problem and design a control program that accounts for your specific needs, concerns, and business industry.

When you choose Assured Environments, you receive a pest control solution that’s fast, safe, discreet, effective, and lasting. By combining expert Integrated Pest Management solutions with plans that actually account for your specific business, we can implement pest management procedures that not only wipe out your current infestation but also prevent future problems. We don’t just get rid of pests; we get rid of pest problems for good. That’s the Assured Difference.

If you’re ever in need of commercial pest control and your business is anywhere in Long Island, Assured Environments is the service to call. When you work with us, you can rest Assured you’re getting the right pest control for your business. We look forward to making your environment permanently pest free!