New York, New Jersey and Southwestern Connecticut have plenty of pest control options. Assured Environments has proudly provided the New York area with the best commercial and residential pest control services since 1934. We offer humane and effective pest solutions delivered with unmatched service.

At the heart of our company is the belief that every employee is a partner working together to help you, our customer. When you hire Assured Environments, you get a team of technicians, entomologists, customer service experts and data trackers. You receive the most technologically advanced, safe and environmentally friendly pest control measures available. See what makes the Assured difference.

Pest Control That’s Always Accessible When You Need It

Our call center is always staffed with real Assured employees. We know that pest issues come with a sense of urgency. When you discover bed bugs in your home or cockroaches in your restaurant, you want immediate service and fast results. We’re always ready to help.

If you have technical questions about treatments pest or service, we’re on hand to answer those too. With our PesTelligent tracking system, you’ll have an online customer portal that’s updated in real time. You can always check the status of your account, review treatments and monitor your costs online.

Quality Pro Certified Pest Control Technicians

All our techs receive continuing education and training to stay on top of the latest and most effective pest control practices. They are backed by our team of in-house entomologists. Putting science behind the process brings us a higher success rate than you’ll find anywhere else.

We’re proud that all our technicians are Quality Pro certified. Quality Pro credentials are rewarded to the best pest control companies who adhere to the highest standards. These standards go above state or federal regulations and indicate:

  • Trusted consumer relations
  • Certified business practices
  • Expert employee training
  • Environmental stewardship

All our employees are screened with comprehensive DMV and criminal background checks. When you hire Assured, you hire the finest in the business.

Our Comprehensive Pest Control Strategy

At Assured we make sure every job is done properly from start to finish. To ensure we accomplish this with every client, we’ve developed a four-step program for our teams to always follows:

  • Inspection. Every job begins with a thorough inspection to determine what kind of pest(s) we’re dealing with and the extent of the problem.
  • Evaluation. Before treatment, we evaluate the methods available to treat your pest problem. This may mean checking in with our team of entomologists to get the best scientific perspective or this may mean determining which treatments are safest for homes with young children and pets.
  • Implementation. Once our team has established the best course of treatment, our technicians will implement the program. We are thorough and dedicated to make sure we address every possible area of infestation so that pests don’t reemerge. All treatments are logged in real time and accessible to the client through their online portal.
  • Monitoring. Our service doesn’t end with treatment. We monitor your pest situation and re-treat as needed. Pests like bed bugs require multiple checks and treatments before we’ll declare your space clear.

Commercial Pest Control Services for All Industries

Assured Environments’ years of experience make us the best commercial pest control company in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and beyond. We service all industries with custom services tailored to your needs. We know that pests can disrupt your businesses quickly, that’s why we’re always ready to deliver fast results no matter when you call.

 Some of our industry specific services include:

We service commercial real estate, hospitality, food service, office space, healthcare, warehouse and educational facilities across New York. Keep your day-to-day business running as usual. That’s Assured.

A New York Pest Control Company that Lives Its Values

Our investment in technology has been one of our biggest values. With mobile computers for all our technicians, the necessary information is always available and complete. Using the latest, safest and most effective technology is one of the things that sets Assured Environments apart from our competition.

Sustainability is another core value. We believe that we can safely and humanely manage pest infestations without compromising the health of our customers or the planet. We are a LEED certified and Green Shield certified company.

At Assured Environments, we practice what we preach and live our values ever day. We offer New York pest control services with integrity, value and results.

Find the Best Pest Control in New York City

We’ve served New York City for over 85 years. We’re dedicated to providing the latest, healthiest and most sustainable pest control services possible to everyone who needs them. Call or contact us to experience the Assured difference is for yourself.